May 26th, 2022

Will Del Duca denounce London candidate’s “terribly dishonest” push polling?

Honesty and integrity matter. London North Centre Liberal candidate Kate Graham posted what she called a “poll” - but it’s not legitimate, or even legal if it was a federal election.

Experts didn’t mince words on the Liberal unethical stunt:

Tim Abray, PhD cand. In Political Studies, award-winning communications consultant and former radio news reporter: “I won't mince words. This is terribly dishonest. Running the push poll is bad enough… but then broadcasting it as though it is an impartial, scientific "poll" is egregiously unethical.”

Derek Silva, PhD, Associate Professor, Sociology, University of Western Ontario: “this is riddled with both ethical and methodological issues.”

Peter Graefe, PhD, Associate Professor of Political Science, McMaster University: “To think she is the standard bearer for the "highly educated right-thinkers" within the Ontario Liberal party who would spend days roasting any of her opponents who did the same.”

Sheila Colla, PhD, Environmental Studies, York University: “I'm really questioning the ethics of these results given your vested interest. What was the polling company used? Do they have an ethics component for human participants and ensure a representative sample?”

Joseph Angolano, PhD., Senior Associate at EKOS Research: “Present your weighted and unweighted tables please.”

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