May 25th, 2022

Liberal attack on OHIP-covered mental health is wrong and misguided

The NDP has a plan to expand OHIP to include mental health coverage.

Today, the Liberals tried to criticize it, but their math is wrong. They assume every person in the province, including new-born babies, will seek out care.

They divided funding by the entire population of Ontario and just took that number. We're all about encouraging people to get care, but that just won't happen.

Instead of making stuff up like the Liberals do, we costed our program based on Statistics Canada data on the real projected mental health needs of people in Ontario.

It’s a plan we’re proud of - because Ontarians deserve this care.

The Liberals grew the list of children waiting for mental health care to 12,000. Now they're saying whatever they can to stop youth from getting the mental health care they need.

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