November 29th, 2021

Khalid Ahmed chosen to be the NDP candidate in Pickering-Uxbridge

PICKERING — New Democrats in Pickering-Uxbridge have selected local community leader Khalid Ahmed to be their NDP candidate in the 2022 provincial election.


Oshawa NDP MPP Jennifer French

“Khalid’s focus on families in Pickering-Uxbridge is exactly what we need right now. The Ford Conservatives failed the people of Pickering-Uxbridge with their big cuts and bad decisions just to benefit their buddies no matter what the cost to families here. They hurt people in long-term care, failed to protect children in schools and allowed local business to go under during this COVID crisis. I need Khalid to join our team and fight for the growing communities here, for local schools and hospitals and making life more affordable for working people. We need an MPP like Khalid that’s here for you.”

Khalid Ahmed NDP candidate for Pickering-Uxbridge

“I love our community and I am dedicated to making sure we get the public services we need. We are one of the fastest growing communities in the province. I want to join Andrea Horwath to rebuild and improve education and health care for families in Pickering-Uxbridge, open more opportunities for our kids and make it possible for families to afford the life they’re working for – with homes people can afford, and more respect for working folks. We must end Doug Ford’s destruction of our conservation areas only to benefit his buddies. As MPP, I will ensure that our growth means a better path forward that always puts Pickering-Uxbridge families first.”


  • Ahmed is a community leader who connects communities across age groups and ethnic backgrounds to work together to improve health care, build affordable housing, and ensure our communities have the public services they need.
  • Ahmed was a member of Seneca College’s Continuing Education Student Advisory Board where he worked to improve services for students.
  • Ahmed works with local seniors associations where he is focused on protecting their pensions and fighting against cuts to public health care.
  • Ahmed is a husband and father and has lived in Pickering-Uxbridge for over a decade.