August 11th, 2022

Gates demands LTC Minister be made full-time job as seniors struggle without air conditioning

QUEENS PARK — NDP MPP Wayne Gates (Niagara Falls) highlighted that the worsening crisis in long-term care requires Doug Ford to take the file seriously and appoint a full-time Minister to handle the portfolio. He released the following statement:

“Doug Ford brought legislation requiring long-term care homes to have air conditioning for residents. Despite this, 15 per cent of homes across Ontario have no AC at all. In June, July and just days ago, temperatures were in the 30s and with the humidex, near 40 degrees. In homes with COVID outbreaks, this meant seniors were roasting in rooms above 40 degrees for several days at a time. While the law was being ignored, and seniors were sweltering in deadly heat – the Premier continued to have a Minister treat long-term care as a part-time or casual job.

With seniors still in their rooms without air conditioning, will Ford admit long-term care is in crisis and finally appoint a full-time minister to this portfolio to fix it?”

Currently, the long-term care file is one of three portfolios held by PC House Leader Paul Calandra. Calandra himself answered the question and refused to commit to making the portfolio a full-time position. Over 4,500 seniors have died in long-term care homes in Ontario since the pandemic began.